autonomous buoys


We design and produce lightweight robotic buoys: unmanned water vehicles precisely holding a position and repositionable by remote command. They are equipped with two or four electric thrusters and an autopilot designed specifically for the task.

The need of temporary buoys for events, port activities and water monitoring is increasing.


If you are a water sport event organiser you know well how difficult it can be to organise a good event. Finding skilled helpers, motor boats and money is always a difficult task. In the water things are not easier: placing buoys with high precision is almost impossible, especially in deep water. Lifting anchors when the wind changes in order to re-set the course is also painful and very time consuming, resulting in dramatically reduced time available for racing. Least but not last in many areas anchoring is now forbidden as it destroys marine ecosystems. Offering a solution that solves all these problems has been our mission since 2016, always keeping in mind the goal of creating a lightweight and plug&play product. With time we understood the importance that a robotic buoy can have in other fields than sport: research and temporary delimitation of waters are just a couple of examples, enough for us to want to launch a second product: GiPSy-mini, a compact, modular and versatile water-drone.


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