Pricelist 2024

Pricelist 2024 GiPSy

PurchasePrice CHFLOCAL VAT
Complete buoy with 36Ah battery (autonomy 5 hours with 20 kt)6900excluded
Complete buoy with 70Ah battery (autonomy 10 hours with 20 kt)7400excluded
Ultrasonic anemometer with support300excluded
Upper dome200excluded
Buoy branding: 4 customised PVC panels 60 x 60 cm200excluded
Internet services: data plan + Web-App usage / yearly cost228n/a
Long term rental
1 year rental3800n/a
3 years rental, price per year3000n/a
Event rental
1 day150n/a
2-3 days price per day135n/a
4-7 days price per day125n/a
8-20 days price per day120n/a
20+ days price per day110n/a
Personnel cost per day200n/a
Wind sensor cost per day10n/a

Pricelist 2024 GiPSy-mini

Drop&Stay for sailing trainings, autonomy 12 hours with 20 kt2000excluded
Remotely controlled buoycoming soonexcluded
Internet services: data plan + Web-App usage / yearly costcoming soonn/a
Event rental, price will be done upon discussion on the event specscoming soonn/a